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In the food lab, we learn how people ate as homesteaders, recipes from Native Americans, and those that cooked before industrial agriculture. We grow productive plants to increase the biodiversity on our farm and forage to have a little bit of everything. Check out the Events page to see upcoming Food Lab Workshops and Farm Cafe Events. Welcome to the food lab.

Farm Café Event Menus

Farm to Breakfast Experience

JOIN US as in the morning Farm Tour to take care of animals, learn about gardening, and experience farm life. This is followed by a Breakfast to showcase fresh, delicious food from sustainable farms around you now.


Choco-Banane Pancrêpe
Just a thin battered chocolate banana pancake ready to be devoured. Add grapes, apple, or blackberries inside or out.

The Perennial Farmer
Farm-fresh eggs with avocado and sautéed collard tree leaves, kale, rainbow chard, mulberry, or moringa tree leaves. Add potatoes or Jerusalem artichoke.

Choice of red or green sauce. Fried tortilla with perennial leak or wild onion, a fried egg, avocado, and sour cream. Add beans. Add seasonal spring nopales.


Sourdough Bread
Living dough hand-kneaded with rosemary and seasonal acorn, nut, and seed flours. Add avocado.
half loaf | full

Super Jerusalem Artichokes
The seasonal perennial superstar root vegetable, cooked similarly to roasted potatoes with olive oil, rosemary, and spices.

Just good ole classic biscuit. Choose savory with rosemary butter or sweet with butter and seasonal jam or syrup.

Seasonal Fruit Syrup and Jam
Grape, fig, blackberry, rhubarb, elderberry, and prickly pear.

Seasonal Salsas and Sauces
Salsas: spicy tomato, tomatillo, pico de gallo | Sauces: tomato, nettle pesto.

Seasonal Salsas and Sauces
Salsas: spicy tomato, tomatillo, pico de gallo | Sauces: tomato, nettle pesto.

Farm and Forage Café EVENTS

Brought to you by The Lavra and Branch Mill with Traceland Avocados and Rob’s Forest Garden

Select Saturdays
Food Lab Workshop ($25 donation): 12 – 1 PM
Main Course ($25 donation to vendor): 1 – 4 PM

We will host a hands-on Food Lab Workshop to teach about wild food, native cooking, and sustainable cuisine. The menu items will be to enjoy the fruits of your Food Lab labor: a transient, nomadic, sustainavore changing every month with the seasons to utilize seasonal perennial and wild native vegetables and fruit. These items are based on regenerative agriculture and local wild Californian cuisine to restore our lands by the way we eat, while focusing on nourishing the body. “Let thy food be thy medicine.” Enjoy!


JANUARY The fun-guy kingdom.
Sautéed wild mushrooms, wild greens, kimchi and a fried egg over pad thai egg noodles. Choice of adding spicy sriracha sauce.

FEBRUARY Gang green.
Wild greens stir fry, using combinations of dandelion, miners lettuce, lambs quarters, curly dock, nettle and berry leaves. A side with a fried egg, avocado, and fresh sourdough bread.

MARCH The nettle experience.
Nettle pesto, using wild greens, nuts, and local garlic with olive oil, lemon and spices. A side of nettle-seeded bread, chocolate, and nettle tea.

APRIL Signs of spring salad.
A simple lettuce salad with olive oil beside a fruit salad covered with borage and nasturtium flowers and a side wild wheat grass smoothie.

MAY Mermaid soup.
Wild harvested seaweed, green onion, mushrooms, collard tree greens, and rainbow chard stir-fried in butter and simmered in filtered sea warter with a perennial salad of watercress and water spinach (kang kong).

JUNE The pollinators.
The great perennial asparagus and cattail sprout over risotto with protein of choice and homemade mustard from wild flowers and cattail pollen.

JULY The monkey diet I.
First harvest of seasonal fruit from the forest garden and beyond with wild blackberry and currant over yogurt with home-made granola and seasonal syrup served with elderflower tea.

AUGUST Huevos rancheros.
Tortilla with perennial scarlett runner beans, seasonal grain, and egg with potatoes and salsa: tomatoes, tomatillo, and peppers.

SEPTEMBER The monkey diet II.
Second harvest of seasonal fruit from the forest garden: pawpaw, peach, blackberry, raspberry, apple and fig and with mint and carob chocolate nibs. Choice of fruit bowl or bread with jam.

OCTOBER Summer love goodbye.
Caprese salad and sautéed jerusalem artichokes with sweet avocado toast made of wild seed flours.

NOVEMBER Gratitude Day.
Acorn bread with avocado (or honey) and the Three Sisters: perennial scarlett runner beans, native black corn, and seasonal squash.

DECEMBER Aho to the SW.
Prickly pear syrup over toyon berry powdered acorn bread with a collard tree leaf stir fry garnished with winter cress.

Why Choose Regenerative and Foraged Food

As stewards of the land, we are not growing food just for profit. We are growing plants and trees for the ecosystem. Food for humans is only one part of that. We choose to forage and farm regeneratively with perennials plants, where some will even outlive us and our children. Since we are not uprooting, over-tilling, or spraying our soil, forest gardens as we are developing act as natural habitats for animals and the undisturbed soil is able to retain the health of micro-organisms to feed our hungry plants the nutrients they need (mainly carbon!) without constant input and soil depletion (no more dust bowls allowed). This is food directly from nature to you. Nature provides. #forestgardening #eatyourperennials #eattheweeds

  • Delicious
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable (food for your grandkids)
22 Reviews All 5-Star: Farm Breakfast Event

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Exceptional knowledge of sustainable farming and minimizing their impact on the environment”

They gave us an interesting tour of the grounds, and as a bonus, a very delicious and hearty breakfast. Oh, and the coffee and fresh food was amazing! Very warm and friendly hosts!!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I had a great time with Brandon and his partner”

They made me feel so welcome and the experience was fulfilling and relaxing. I would totally do it again by myself or with friends when I’m back in the area. Brandon had me milking goat milk and picking eggs. We enjoyed a BOUNTIFUL breakfast. Such hospitality! Highly recommend.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great way to start the day”

Wonderful people, cutie dog named Dave (seriously the cutest), if you like to be surrounded by animals this is the place you want to be. Breakfast was delicious. Very special experience! Again… Dave ❤ go meet him.



What do we make?

Native wild food: acorn and seed flour, seasonal prickly pear jam, elderberry syrup, nettle, nettle pesto, wild greens, mushrooms, pine needle juice, wild teas, seasalt, seaweed

Homesteady recipes: goat cheese, sourdough, kefir, wine, kombucha, kimcha, salsa, jam, fresh veggies, and… homemade chocolate and cookies

Farm Tech: aquaponics, green houses, solar dehydrators, shade structures, metal art, custom tools, and upcycled builds (#nomorenewstuff)

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