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Imagine if every day you contributed to restoring an ecosystem while you ate. In the food lab, we grow or purchase food for a future. These are recipes that support reimagined agriculture and the ecosystems we live in, listed by season for central and southern California.

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Farm Café Recipes

Glass Bottles to a Future




Nettle (Urtica dioica) (coming soon)
Seaweed (coming soon)


Elderberry (Sambucus)(coming soon)
Fig (Ficus caricia) (coming soon)

Farm Café Event Menus


Why Choose Regenerative and Foraged Food

As stewards of the land, we are not growing food just for profit. We are growing plants and trees for the ecosystem. Food for humans is only one part of that. We choose to forage and farm regeneratively with perennials plants, where some will even outlive us and our children. Since we are not uprooting, over-tilling, or spraying our soil, forest gardens as we are developing act as natural habitats for animals and the undisturbed soil is able to retain the health of micro-organisms to feed our hungry plants the nutrients they need (mainly carbon!) without constant input and soil depletion (no more dust bowls allowed). This is food directly from nature to you. Nature provides. #forestgardening #eatyourperennials #eattheweeds

  • Delicious
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable (food for your grandkids)

Foraging Calendar (coming soon)


What do we make?

Native wild food: acorn and seed flour, seasonal prickly pear jam, elderberry syrup, nettle, nettle pesto, wild greens, mushrooms, pine needle juice, wild teas, seasalt, seaweed

Homesteady recipes: goat cheese, sourdough, kefir, wine, kombucha, kimcha, salsa, jam, fresh veggies, and… homemade chocolate and cookies

Farm Tech: aquaponics, green houses, solar dehydrators, shade structures, metal art, custom tools, and upcycled builds (#nomorenewstuff)

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