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Reach out to us here if you would like to join the forest gardening revolution, sustainable education, video collaboration, and shift into a sustainable world. We are working on videos, hosting workshops and events, collaborating with partner organizations, and beginning a forest garden with the perennial and wild food lab at The Lavra Non-Profit.

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  • Donate: The Lavra Non-Profit
  • Visit: come to an Event
  • Volunteer: WWOOF, Work-Away, or Help-X
  • Collaborate:
    • visual storytelling and video production
    • edible landscaping
    • environmental planning, design, and GIS

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Our Venue

The Lavra

Arroyo Grande, CA, USA

A model for sustainable development, self-sufficiency, and small-scale regenerative farming. A hub of peace grounded in community, education, and experimentation. The Lavra focuses on community gatherings, hosting lectures from local professors, and workshops for sustainability, gardening, and cooking.

Coming soon: venue space for Permaculture Design Course and weddings.

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Our Friends

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