What Can We Do Right Now?

Here is a short list for action toward a sustainable world. We, the consumers, have the power!

  1. Reduce demand on industrial agriculture (local gardens, perennials, and forest garden alternatives – see beginning forest gardening video!)
  2. Buy from farmers who care about ecology
  3. Grow your own food (start small!)
  4. Plant a tree!
  5. Refuse: single-use, non-biodegradables (plastic, books, games, clothing, etc.)
  6. Reduce: use libraries for books, movies, games, and toys
  7. Reuse: upcycle, craft, and buy used resources
  8. Use communal spaces for gardening, laundry, cooking, living, or celebrating
  9. Reduce your waste and consumption (e.g. reducing food waste video)
  10. Eat less meat, sustainably-raised meat, or no meat
  11. Use renewable and natural energy
  12. Make decisions for seven generations in the future
  13. Certify or encourage certification as a Green Business
  14. Donate time or funds
    • Join us here or one of our partner organizations

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