Planting a Trillion Trees: How to Start

Planting trees to sequester carbon dioxide may be old news – even ancient news – but in this age of “who-can-build-the-most-technical-smartphone,” the simplest solutions are becoming more blatantly obvious. A lab in Switzerland announced in summer 2019 that our best strategy to combat climate change was to plant a shit ton of trees: 1 trillion trees. You may say, “bro, I live in the city on the 45th floor above the metro. How can I even plant one of those beauties?” Well stay tuned friends, here’s some practical tree planting ideas: where you can plant trees, time v. money tree planting, planting in National Forests, and functional (fruit) trees in cities.

(Forest restoration) isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one.

Lead scientist, climate change ecologist Tom Crowther from the Crowther Lab in Switzerland (The Guardian)

Planting through the National Forest

Volunteer at a National Forest or look into working with other foresters to plant native trees! Trek out with a team and holsters full of native saplings and plant your own trees. I have heard the words both “meditative” and “grueling” – maybe it just depends on the person and level of thrill for these beautiful tree babies.

Time v. Money Planting

AND if you have do not have the time to volunteer, maybe you are will to pay $1 to plant a tree… easy money. This one is tailored for the city-slickers.

Best Tool for Climate Mitigation: Nature

“Such a programme might take 100 years to be fully effective, but along the way it would reduce the consequences of the climate crisis – protecting soil from erosion, reducing the risk of flooding and providing habitats for a vast range of animals and other plant species.

In Brazil, the Amazon rainforest continues to shrink by the equivalent of three football fields every minute as land is turned over to cattle ranching, soya-bean production and mining. In August alone, an area the size of Hong Kong disappeared, not including losses from fires. “

Listen to Greta: “What you do counts,” “PROTECT RESTORE FUND,”… and just plant some damn trees already!! The previous and following posts will be practical info for how to actually plant trees whether you’re in the city, countryside, or forest .

How to plant a tree: seemingly intuitive, but poses some questions… The Guardian and Popular Mechanics both recommend following nature and planting what makes sense for your particular climate and ecosystem. Before choosing a tree – check: climate zone, native tree types, amount of sun and water (caring for the tree), how big will it get, and pests (e.g. using gopher cages). Where to plant: in your yard(!) or public land (get permission for schools, parks, etc.). Also bonus points for people (fruit or nut) and pollinator (flowering) trees!!

Planting in Cities

plant trees volunteering with a national forest or on Arbor Day, use Ecosia search engine, donate, or use and update community-based APPs

City Fruit Trails: Endless Orchard and Falling Fruit

Endless Orchard or Falling Fruit to plant, map, or forage from existing fruit trees in cities near you

Drones that Plant Trees: Biocarbon

One team of engineers in Australia by the name Biocarbon has a new function for their drones: plant frickin’ trees. O’ hell yeah. If we are in this hole we have put ourselves in by overdeveloping, why not take advantage to use some tech for mother earth? Only thing that I am uncomfortable with is that they use herbicides, which contradicts the beginning of this article and one of the foundations of conservation biology and regenerative agriculture of using native plants and encouraging “wild” plants (weeds) to grow and develop balance in each unique ecosystem.

Ancient News

Just FYI

The oldest tree known to have been planted by a human rather than by natural seeding is a 2,300-year-old sacred fig or bo-tree (Ficus religiosa) that has been named Sri Maha Bodhiya, and stands in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. It was planted there in 288 BC. The mother tree from which this specimen was propagated was none other than the famous Bodhi tree under which Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was sitting when he gained enlightenment.

Guinness Book of World Records, 2011

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