Planting from Seed and Cuttings

Time to watch the mini-miracle of plant growth. From a seed of nothing to sometimes enormous expansion. General Tips Research specifics for each species before seeding. Soak larger seeds (greater than 1/2″), before planting or sowing for 1 – 3 days. Use non-contaminated soil with proper drainage and minimal weeds. Be sure to move plantsContinue reading “Planting from Seed and Cuttings”

Pre-Forest Garden Checklist

Observe Your Ecosystem Build Soil Conserve and Route Water Observe Your Ecosystem Build a garden. Eat veggies and bring bees and whatever onto your property. BUT, have patience for your sweet forest garden child. Think about how long forests take to develop. Even just one orange tree takes about three or four years before youContinue reading “Pre-Forest Garden Checklist”

Planting a Trillion Trees: How to Start

Planting trees to sequester carbon dioxide may be old news – even ancient news – but in this age of “who-can-build-the-most-technical-smartphone,” the simplest solutions are becoming more blatantly obvious. A lab in Switzerland announced in summer 2019 that our best strategy to combat climate change was to plant a shit ton of trees: 1 trillionContinue reading “Planting a Trillion Trees: How to Start”