Land Management and Farming with the Seasons

Fall Earth moving and swale building Cover crop sowing Breeding livestock Collecting, ordering, and seeding nuts Harvesting: nuts – acorns, walnuts and chestnuts! Winter Bare root tree and rootstock orders Winter greens: Brassicaceae Asian greens Lettuce Mulching Pruning Cuttings for plant propagation Saving scion budwood Grafting pruned scions to rootstocks Seed starting: summer crop seedingContinue reading “Land Management and Farming with the Seasons”

Reduce Your Demand on Industrial Agriculture so Your Grandkids Can Live on Planet Earth

Chose to purchase from farmers that you know care for ecology No-till (or minimal tilling) Rotating pastures Organic Intercropping Cover cropping Perennial-focused planting Shop at Farmer’s Markets Grow your own food Choose to eat perennials when you can (to maintain soil health and agricultural ecosystems with minimal tilling and disturbing of soil) Eat meat thatContinue reading “Reduce Your Demand on Industrial Agriculture so Your Grandkids Can Live on Planet Earth”

Planting from Seed and Cuttings

Time to watch the mini-miracle of plant growth. From a seed of nothing to sometimes enormous expansion. General Tips Research specifics for each species before seeding. Soak larger seeds (greater than 1/2″), before planting or sowing for 1 – 3 days. Use non-contaminated soil with proper drainage and minimal weeds. Be sure to move plantsContinue reading “Planting from Seed and Cuttings”